1 min. ago on Fox News, Rep. Kanjorski said Dow will be down 2,000 if FinReg fails.

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  1. Top people in D.C. see the market as vulnerable.
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    Just Democratic SCARE tactics. And an excuse to say, "I told you so" when their policies fail.

    Remember when the Administration said Unemployment would go over 8% if the Trillion Dollar stimulus package wasn't passed? Surprise surprise.

    Just the other day Emanual said it would be dangerous if Republicans gained control of the House and Senate.

    He probably was thinking, dangerous for him. :D
  3. Its going to drop irregardless, maybe not 2k though. The only reason the market went up is government intervention once that's gone adios.
  4. The mistake was putting on Fox News in the first place.


    Whatever you do in your life, always remember this:

    GOVERNMENT is the PROBLEM; it is not the solution.

    You think this country needs even more laws on the books?

    We need:

  5. Wouldn't "that" be a good contrary signal instead? :D
  6. If it is scare tactics, I don't like congressmen treating my life savings as a sacrificial lamb when their projects aren't approved.

    It could be that confidence within D.C. is collapsing as it has done outside D.C.
  7. Obama and his ass-kissing Democrap groupies are trying to destroy America as fast as the legislative process can accommodate.

    How much greater "danger" could the Republicans pose??

    :mad: :mad:
  8. The Republicans could start WW III with Iran to save of Great Depression, but since both parties are corporate lackeys I won't count against it with Obama in office, next year, unless Israel attacks this fall first.
  9. Dow at 2000 because FINREG fails? LOL!

    How could that be?... FINREG has no teeth... it's mostly a dog and pony show for the upcoming election.

  10. I was thinking it is far more dangerous with emanuel as chief of staff.
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