$1 Million Fine for Animal Cruelty

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  1. There is a fine of $200,000 for animal cruelty in India.

    Every country should follow India's example and have fine of $1 million for animal cruelty.
  2. In Defense of Man-Cow Relations: New Jersey Judge Drops Charges Against Police Officer for Having Sex with Cows On the Grounds That They May Have Enjoyed It
    Published 1, September 24, 2009 Bizarre , Criminal law , Environment , Society 106 Comments

    JINDICT03a250px-New_Forest_calfNew Jersey police officer Robert Melia Jr. will not face criminal charges for allegedly having sex with five calves under a perfectly bizarre ruling by Judge James J. Morley. We previously discussed the case, here. Morley dismissed animal cruelty charges on the grounds that the cows may have enjoyed having sex with Melia.

  3. We'd be a lot better off if we did away with anyone convicted of true animal abuse.

    A lot.

    But no, we not only do nothing in the vast majority of cases, but in that football tossing scumbags case , we forgive and forget.

    Here, he thanks you, sukker.

  4. If they worship fruits and vegetables should we stop eating them?
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  7. can't be 100% sure since i am NOT the defendant in that case. just copied it from the web for bearice.
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