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  1. This is a thread intended solely for those who have made over $1 million trading in a given year. If you haven't , you are welcome to read along, but , frankly, we multimillionaires could care less than Ted Kennedy cared about Mary Jo Kopechne what you think. We KNOW how to print money.

    Thus comments by MM traders on any subject are welcome.

    I shall begin:

    In winning the Megabucks Jackpot in Vegas, I am feeling distraught. Even though it was $15 million, I loudly shouted to all those in the casino, "Damn, now I don't know where to put my other millions! Maybe I'll have to throw them away."

    Any MM opinions on this problem?
  2. Are you trying to be funny?

    Maybe my sense of humor is off today.
  3. bestfriend,

    Wouldn't a better trading question be.....how much have you made on what amount?...to properly asses a traders efficiency and skill?

    It's not just if you can handle the money, its how efficient you make it work for you. Money is just a tool...

    The way your question and post is phrased, is more appropriate for Yahoo...This is a traders site.

    Please excuse the intrusion, as I am not qualified with the entrance fee. (but I will be, soon, it won't be long now)

    Michael B.
  4. Both funny and serious
  5. Yeah...I try.

    I will hang up the phone and listen now...By the way, love your show :)
  6. smitsky


    good humor buddy
  7. Electric Savant--..."money is just a tool...."

    Funny, so am I.