1 meter Sat Dish: free to good home

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dougcs, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. I have a 1 meter sat. dish that I used for mkt data before the internet. I'll give it to anyone willing to come get it. I live in Houston, Tx.

  2. abogdan


    Gee, I remember those things! They use to come with this big ugly receiver box and DBC converter. Good times!
  3. As a note to anyone who might be interested:
    a. It does not come with the big ugly box as abogdan noted, and I have no idea what I did with it.

    b. The offer is good til Friday , when I place it in front of my house for BFI to deal with as they see fit.

  4. mgkrebs


    Incredible coincidence. It's big trash week in my neighborhood, and I just put a 1.2 meter KU band dish out on the curb. Used it for futuresource and later bonneville.
  5. mgkrebs-Is your wife on your ass about it too?

  6. mgkrebs


    o yeah.:confused:
  7. Mine is still out on the pole from the old BMI days.

    My dish, not my wife.:D
  8. Can you still pick up channels from all over the world with an old school style dish? I remember years ago one of my family members had this monstrosity in his backyard that seemed to pull in everything from everywhere. We would even get the raw news feed transfers, unedited broadcasts, etc. Then when I lived in Europe we would spend our nights spining that dish around getting channels from the Middle East and even Japan. I found that to be fascinating. How much free stuff is beaming across today's satellite dishes?
  9. abogdan


    Hey, I still have a BMI box that works!