1 in 5 home loans in Florida delinquent

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  1. lrm21


    Now that Florida is going over a cliff

    1 in 5 home loans in Florida delinquent
    A bankers group reported 20 percent of home loans in Florida were past due or in default at the end of 2008, outranking other states.

    If you live in Florida and have a mortgage it is pointless to keep servicing it.

    Unless you expect to pay it off in the next 12 months or less. It is likely that what payments you make in the next 12 months are going to evaporate, because banks, your state and you are completely bust.

    20% delinquencies and we haven't had unemployment peak yet.

    I have yet to miss a payment..but what is the point..I am better of taking that money and putting into gold, guns,ammo,food, my kids. this is what every American is now thinking.

    I don't even know what the tax receipts for 09 and 10 in this state will be when all the local governments rely on property taxes.
  2. MattF


    the next batch of states are just beginning to feel the pains that Florida, Cali et Al were starting to feel when all hell started breaking loose...

    3-5 years. minimum. Before this even begins to subsidize and tail off.