1 in 4 South African men admit to rape

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  1. CAPE TOWN, South Africa - One in four male South Africans surveyed admitted to committing rape, according to a research group.

    The government-funded Medical Research Council, whose findings often influence official policy, said it conducted the survey to deepen understanding of men's attitudes and behavior.

    The finding has cast a harsh light on a culture of sexual violence that victims groups say is deeply embedded in society.

    According to police statistics, some 36,000 women were raped in 2007 — nearly 100 per day. But victim support groups and government-backed research say the vast majority of rapes go unreported because of the stigma and trauma involved. South Africa is home to about 50 million people.

    Chief researcher Rachel Jewkes said Friday that the findings were "shocking" but "not unexpected." Opposition political parties said they were horrified, but victim support groups said they were not surprised.

    "The report indicates that rape has become 'normalized' as a feature of masculine identity in a society that has emerged from years of oppression — a tragic development for both women and for men," said Anne Marie Goetz, chief of the Governance, Peace and Security section of the United Nations Development Fund for Women.
    The survey gave no margin of error. The research council is internationally respected and regarded as reliable. It said it surveyed a representative cross-section of men of all races in the two provinces, which are representative of South Africa.
  2. why is this important

    don't animals rape?

    let animals live their animal lives

    how is it played in america, the girl comes to your place on her own will, gets naked, plays with your cock, sucks it, when you try to stick it in her vagina, she says no, and if you force her into it, the slut will press rape charges on your ass, all this when prostitution is illegal, so you take the alternative route, tell the girls how much you love them, obviously you don't give a fucking shit about their pathetic existence, I can't count the numerous times I've treated the girl nicely before fucking her, and treated her like the crap I really thought she was after shooting my shit on her

    I'm not criticizing either one, I really don't give that much about humans to even care to think what they do is wrong or right, or to argue taking which route will hurt them the most, all I'm saying is african or american or whatever the fuck, they're all humans, and almost none is better than the other, all of them are shit in their own way, and easily deserve the suffering they go through in their life, and I don't see how spreading the american mentality of life, is going to make the world a better place if not easily worse

  3. You are human, so you think you are shit too? And the babies you want to have are shit too? Why have babies you hate?
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    They blame the oppression for rape!! I heard that the general black on white crime rate is horrendous there nowadays. The revolution was black on white hate all the way, they used to stop cars on the highways and just kill the occupants for being white... of course our great press here in the USA didn't mention those things, ever.. they tossed out the baby with the bathwater, the place will be zimbabwe eventually...

    Wow, the South Africans are now enjoying the tender mercies of marxism, I'm so happy for all of them... the government is throttling back on gun ownership while their crime stats have risen to numero uno in the world... nobody ever can be happy with marxism but we have probably 20% of the population in the US that would give up all their freedoms for health care and a do-nothing job for life... it would be a step up from welfare...
  5. just because humans continue life and reproduce doesn't mean they are pursuing a purpose in life, the life force that pushes them to breath, to eat, pushes them to reproduce and care for their offspring, in the end it doesn't mean shit

    why is it anyone else's business what africans are doing, stop the delusion and look in the mirror ugly fucks, most of you are nothing more than a fucked up byproduct of McDonald's

  6. Maybe you feel no purpose of life, that is not all people.
  7. ya I'm sure those who have a purpose in life, it's so great, it's a reason on it's own to live, like the purpose to liberate the world, or to spread the word of god, or to spread democracy, ya so great, you made me feel bad about myself, now I really wish I had a purpose in life too, oh what a loser I am, these great humans with such great purposes they make me ashamed of who I am, I won't be able to respond to your wonderful meaningful posts, I'm going to my room to cry now, I don't think I will be able to stop crying, please forgive me
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    The numbers guy, wow, I had him on ignore since his inception here on ET probably.. I learned to hit the ignore button in asap mode a long time ago.. the internet is where the truly insane have an equal voice... so what makes him /her /it tick? Existentialism, environmentalism.. too much Pacifica Radio network in the middle of the night? Which personality disorder does he have? They are all spelled out on Wikipedia quite nicely, I read them all the time but I'm not good at internet diagnosis... Before I quit my LAST job [it was the last, I'll never work again, life is too precious to waste like that] I was seeing a psychologist. He told me he could diagnose people on their first phone call... I didn't believe him until I read up on the personality disorders on Wikipedia, now I believe him, just because a person has a sick mind it doesn't make them that special at all.. I have a neighbor that is Schizotypal, he told me that and when I read the wiki thingy, wow, they nailed him... weird thinking patterns but that does not make the guy wrong, oddly enough he's more right about things than most people, he just has an odd way of expression and thinking, he's a good friend really... he says he argued with the shrink that diagnosed him and asked the shrink to prove that Schizotypal was not perhaps the best way of thinking.. I don't think the shrink won that argument...

  9. No. To do something you like to do with passion, because it give YOU freedom.
  10. @Eight

    psychology is a form of human classification, basically in psychology each and every human is classified into at least one form of psychological illness

    it's no different than classifying animals, if the animal looks like this and makes this type of noise, ... it's then a ... plus it's all on wikipedia
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