1 in 4 Democrats Want To Dump Obama

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  2. I've said this often and I am certainly part of this group.Republicans shouldn't get happy though because that doesn't mean we will vote for Bachmenn,Perry or Romney
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    meaning you'll support Obama almost no matter what.
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    I think AK means he will stay home and jerk off instead of voting.
  5. Just means I think Obama is better then Perry ,Bachmann and Romney just like 377OHS thinks Obama is better then Paul but is not on Obamas bandwagon you dope
  6. If anyone to the left of Obama can both challenge him and have a serious chance of winning the general election, that person could get the nomination.
    Else, if you think most Dems are going to go for Bachmann or Perry, forget it.
    If you guys nominate someone a little sane, like Romney or Huntsman, you'd have a pretty good chance. But you can pretty much make out what's going to happen already: Perry or Bachmann will be it, and in the general, Obama will be able to squeak past these two, because both are too weird to be able to get 51% in a mano-a-mano.
    A third party run on the left and you'd win, but right now it looks like a third party run on the right is more likely. But it's way too early to tell which side will be more dissatisfied with the mainstream choices.
  7. Since both parties are a complete joke and our broken system will never be fixed I would vote for a Bachman and Palin ticket as long as they were naked when they spoke and maybe touched eachother. :eek:
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    Registered Dems will vote Dem.

    Registered Repubs will vote Repub.

    It is the 10% +/- of self-described independents who will decide the outcome of this or any election.

    Don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise.
  9. :D Now that's the best reason I've read to support them for office. Both have "interesting" takes on history too. Beauty and brains. Well, beauty.

    Palin and Bachman:
    "Gosh this sure is just like the time Paul Revere drove his 53' Chevy across the GW Bridge to warn the people of LA that the French were coming... and that children is how Reagan freed the slaves... all this thinking has made me tired. Gee golly! Praise Jesus!
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    So 3 in 4 democraps are dumber than dirt?

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