1 in 4 Americans are mentally ill

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  1. http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/the-numbers-count-mental-disorders-in-america.shtml
    "An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year."

    Bush approval rating: 24%

    Coincidence? I don't believe in conspiracy theories... :)

    How many of ETer's are mentally deranged? More than 26.2% if judging from the number of Bush supporters.
  2. I'm here. Three of you get a pass.
  3. My guess is that the Politics & Religion forum is where we 26.2% congregate.
  4. They may congregate between Marathon and Athens. I mean, why run if no one is chasing you.:D
  5. Just in case....paranoia is just good common sense.
  6. Yes, Liberalism is a mental disorder . . .
  7. LMAO !!!!!
  8. New York - A prominent psychiatrist in the Manhattan area boldly admitted that after thirty years of “hearing it all,” our society is on a steady decline and we are all basically “we're all just plain fucking crazy."

    Wishing to remain anonymous, the doctor spoke from behind a shielded screen to a stunned audience. The doctor also offered up, as further proof of his theory, that his own mental health was in jeopardy after dealing with lunatics day in and day out.

    “I’m starting to wonder about myself these days. I love the taste of vodka with a valium chaser a lot more than I did in my early twenties." The doctor believes there is no hope on the horizon. “The world today is short circuiting as we speak.” He said. “Suddenly I'm treating tons multiple personality disorders, pedophiles, rapists, schizophrenics, democrats, and murders… and that's just other doctors I treat out of professional courtesy.”

    When asked by a member of the audience what changes he would like to see in the psychiatric community the doctor replied, "I'd like them to allow me to legally bill a multiple personality disorder for each individual personality. I think that's fair." Under current law psychiatrists may only issue one bill per patient no matter how may personalities they may harbor.
  9. If America is 1 in 4 then the muslim world must be 99.9/ 100 and that number probably fluctuates because once the nimble minded discover them they kill them.
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    A sobering thought is that after Sep 11th, 90% of Americans approved of Bush.

    Mental disorders are massively overdiagnosed in the US, a country obsessed by therapy and psychologists. Stuff that 100 years ago would have been written off as part of life's knocks, is now classified as a mental disorder, with the patient labelled a mental case and given a drug prescription or some useless psychotherapy.
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