1 hour earlier start for DAX/ESTOX on eurex

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    only just saw this on the eurex website - i have had to subscribe to their new email alerting service since it's the second time in the recent past they are extending the trading hours - since dax tends to gap a bit more than the u.s. indices, should be interesting to see if this will have an impact - also has anyone heard if they are planning to go to 24 hour trading in the near future?

    Eurex extends trading hours for equity index products from June 1
    Trading in euro-denominated equity index products to start at 8 a.m. instead of 9 a.m./
    Increased access for market participants in the Asia-Pacific region

    07 Apr 2006
    Eurex, the world's largest derivatives exchange, will extend trading hours for equity index products by one hour. From June 1, trading in euro-denominated equity index products will start at 8 a.m. Central European Time (CET) instead of 9 a.m. CET. With this change, Eurex is improving access for market participants in the Asian-Pacific time zone.

    The new opening time for equity index products gives trading participants in the Asian Pacific time zones increased access to the Eurex trading and distribution network, thereby offering new trading and risk management opportunities. Market participants in Asia and Europe alike will also be able to react to events prior to the opening of the underlying European cash market.

    Peter Reitz, Member of the Executive Board of Eurex, said: "Asia is a market of significant importance to Eurex. Following the receipt of market operator status by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in late 2005, Eurex is building a telecommunications hub in Singapore and is currently in the process of connecting market participants to the Eurex system. We are also cooperating closely with the Osaka Securities Exchange with a view to bringing European and Asian market participants closer together."

    By extending the trading hours for equity index products, Eurex is also harmonizing the opening times for the trading of all benchmark products. Trading in benchmark products such as the Euro-Bund future, Euro-Bobl future and Euro-Schatz future currently begins at 8 a.m. Frankfurt time.
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    what saw all those Dax stops get hit at low of day jsut now and it dropped 10 pts in 2 seconds. lol
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    This really sucks (from my point of view only of course). I live in US and my wake up call is 2:30am, I do not think, I would be able to get up any earlier. Well this will kill my trading during first hour, so will need to review my strategies. Adapt or be annihilated.