1 euro = 2 dollars. Consequences?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Debaser82, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Say 1 euro equals 2 dollars.

    Could it happen?

    Does it crushes the EU economy?

    Does it rebuilt the United States manufacturing base?

    Or does it just makes life for US citizens more expensive and Europeans will notice little as EU's biggest trading partner is the EU itself?

    I noticed the $ being weak again today and I wondered what would happen if it fell below previous lows.

  2. I think that it will become a world economic problem. If the dollar goes down, oil will usually rise and that will have big impact on the US economy. On the other hand the EU cannot survive without the US.
  3. the us manufacturing base and most of the blue collar jobs, can and will be gone, if their not almost gone. even CHINA is losing manifacturing jobs to places like vietnam, though mostly on non skilled maufacturing. it's just cheaper in other places and a weaker dollar won't change that.

    besides, are americans willing to work as hard as the people in these countries? who work more than 9-5 on less pay?
  4. More fat European senior citizens would emigrate to sunny Florida and enjoy the ultra cheap cost of living :cool: