1 ES trade(daytrade) and get 1-3 points

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  1. 1 ES trade(daytrade) and get 1-3 points...what is the best approach to getting this?...seems real simple...what is your approach etc...scalping, volume climaxes etc.
  2. seriously...much potential in 1-3 ES points per day
  3. You have nailed it there JJ.

    One trade per day for 1- 3 points every day simply means you only need to be 100% correct for 100% of the time.

    Your method is the only one that I know that can deliver the goods.

  4. 1000's of hours of screen time and the willingness to be humble and learn from your mistakes. And then, the courage to apply the correctly learned lessons in a timely fashion when the market dictates.

    Once you get that down, forget "1-3" pts, focus on being as good as you can be, given the days potential.

  5. Asking this question is no different from the 100 other ways you've asked ET how to make money trading. Yes there is potential in making 1-3 points daily in the ES. But seriously, expecting those who can do it consistently to share it with the masses is nightmarishly naive.

  6. great Steve...many are not tuned into how profitable 1-3 ES points can be per day
  7. No, I would say most everyone is tuned into how much one could make in the ES but then again the great majority try and put the cart before the horse.

    Forget trying to figure out how to make 1-3 pts a day but focus of learning the trade it and, given proper time and commitment, the rest will take care of itself.

  8. Steve,

    I need you to show me how you do it.

    One trade per day for 1-3 points every day = 100% correct for 100% of the time.

    I fail see how you learn from your mistakes when you cannot make any, since you need to be 100% correct.

    I have a completely open mind on this and will be guided by your reply.

    yours in anticipation.
  9. Ha :D

  10. again...just asked an honest question looking for honest answers...please...this is totally serious!!!
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