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  1. If we can earn 1 ES point a day ($50 gain) per contract, it is a 10% gain per contract. (margin required per contract =$500)

    So over a month (20 trading days) we will be able to earn 200% return if we take this one point a day and shot down the computer.

    Doing it with 100 contracts will be the same, 200 % ROI a month.

    Am I right or right?

    * Gain is before commission
  2. So, is it so hard to make 1 point a day, 20 points a month, for a 200% ROI ?

    With the high volume on ES, 100's of cars per trade for 1 point daily gain can be a VERY nice income for a day trader.
  3. No, it not hard...when you know what you are doing! That, though, takes a long time. Longer than most are willing to stick it out.
  4. Watching the chart evry day on a short TF (6 range), it does look like that when it start to move, it will keep moving 2-4 point to the same direction in a 1-2 minutes time window.

    How hard it will be to grab 1/2 point 2 times a day when it is already 1 minute into the momentum move to one direction?
  5. R. Raskolnikov,

    If you say that it is not hard, are you able to gain 200% monthly?
  6. Where is your stop?
  7. 2 points stop.

    Is it possible to get in and out from a trade in 1 minute with 200 cars a click with no more than 1 tick slippage? (during open US market time)
  8. If u take a loss, u will need three points to make quota, If u take 2, u will need 5 points. This strategy has a negative expectancy.

    2pt stop should have 6pt gain.
  9. Well, with a 8/2 win/loss ratio, it works more than fine....
  10. I'm saying its not that hard if you've put in the countless hours creating a system that works. Then its not hard, just a matter of robotically executing your trades as they show up daily.

    What IS hard is getting to that point. My metrics are very good but only because I put in the time and learned from trial and error what works and what doesn't.

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