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  1. Maybe I am an idealist, but I believe that when you pay good money for something, it should work with 100% integrity.

    I was just wondering from the other tech gurus on this board, if you shelled out $400 for a brand new LCD monitor, is 1 big dead blue pixel in the middle of your screen too much to live with on a daily basis. It is not all that noticeable, only a black background actually. What do you think??

    Also, is one dead pixel a sign of things to come. Will more follow like some kind of contagion??
  2. Dude,

    Definitely take it back. I have a slight problem with my 32" TV and I'm complaining.

  3. I have two LCD monitors. One was sold at a deep discount 7 years ago and has three bad pixels. 7 years late it still has only three bad pixels. However, the new one has no bad pixels. New LCD monitors in this day and age should not have any bad pixels.
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    Exchange it.

    It should have no dead pixels for at least the first 2 years.
    That would be wrong to pay good money for a defective product.
  5. If you read the guaranty, you will see that the maker of the LCD don't accept a return with less 7 dead pixels, but I think that is a violation of the US consumer law about the fact a product should be free defective when it is sold at a consumer.
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    I read once that dead pixels almost always crop up when the monitor is new, or not at all. Circuit City has a no questions asked return policy. So if a person is concerned about dead pixels when buying a new LCD, buy it at a Circuit City, or a place with a similar return policy, and watch it for a week or two. If it has no dead pixels, it should be ok. If it does, return it.

  7. Here is what I would do. I would kill 6 more pixels. Then your LCD would become returnable and you would sleep well.
    Just kill them man, kill them.

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  9. yes. it also spreads to other industries.

    for example: I bought some socks a few weeks ago. they began to develop holes after the first wearing. some would tear just by the action of pulling them on.:eek:

  10. Thanks everyone for your candid and insightful feedback. I took it back.
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