1 day seminar and you can quit your day job!!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jho, Aug 21, 2006.

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    Is it just me or is there a ton of spam lately? We have day trading university, online trading academy, pristine, technitrader, green light go, red light stop and you're rich bitch! Does everyone want the easy way out, the 2 clicks and you're a millionaire method. I'm not sure if it's newbies or spammers.

    If it's newbies then I suggest you stop sending the aforementioned vendors your money and start learning to trade the normal way. One poster named "jts" wrote "Try NYSE or NASDAQ. The best training you'll ever get." I agree with him, after you've learnt the basics and have a trading plan obviously. Yeah I know it might require effort, but I guarantee the results will be a lot better. Learning to trade takes years of hard work. Use the ET search function for any question you may have.

    I'm not even sure where this thread is headed or if it will go anywhere at all. Just a rant I suppose.
  2. You mean I have to work hard to make good money in the market? Phooey on you, I call shenanigans.

    I think I'll get a second opinion from someone who'll tell me how easy it is to become rich over a two day seminar while writing him a check for $3K.

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    I think it's absolutely normal. We are a society of spoiled brats, who want everything right now, and which expect to be catered to all the time. On top of this, we pretend that someone else has to figure out things for us, because we're just too lazy. Eventually, someone will take advantage of this attitude.
  4. Just use a credit card.

    I mean it's not like you have to pay or anything, is it?
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    :D :D :D