1 Day, 600 trades, $43,000 profit

Discussion in 'Journals' started by brown, May 15, 2009.

  1. brown


    Traded the sim account for 14 day trial with Open E Cry today, 600 trades, 2300 in commision and over 43k in profit. Wish it was real =/
  2. Are you posting your blotter?

    Oh....it's only a SIM account!
  3. and then you woke up, and your bed was wet.
  4. brown


    Yes sim account :), still very happy with it. unfortunately lost $190 on my real account today =/
  5. If you aren't executing your exact method precisely how you would with real money, then SIM trading results are basically worthless. They'll just give you false hope.

    Now if you ARE very diligent about executing SIM trades PRECISELY how you would with real money and make sure that every execution price is actually traded through, then SIM trading can be vital to progress.

  6. I make boat loads on the sim. Could never replicate in real market. Darn.
  7. kxvid


    What were you trading? And how big was the account?
  8. Bob111


    sounds familiar...
    things are got a bit different,when you place your REAL order on market huh?
    lower your expectations..in intraday-divide your paper profits by 10 :)
  9. That makes zero sense, unless you were just fucking around on the SIM and not actually trying to test out a realistic approach.

    There should be no reason why you can't replicate your trades from SIM to real money IF you are making sure that your entries and exits are traded through. Think about it.