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    I'm going to post real time trades for a system I developed that has very good results on a live simulator. The system is scaleable, intra-day, no overnights, equities only with avg volume over 50k, and price over $5.
    Since I am under-capitalized and cannot trade the system for real money, my hopes are that some entity will find my trading worthy of backing me for a profit split. To make the simulation show results as close to the real thing as possible, all trades will be removing liquidity with a commission rate of $5 per trade. The system has a goal of 1% daily profits and I will re-invest profits into the next days trading, starting simulated account value will be $50k. The system works using a proprietary criteria of selecting stocks for entries, strict trade management rules, and a goal to have positions in stocks that will be among the top 20 gainers for the day, before they make a substantial percentage move.

    Entries January 3 2011

    CCME 152@16.41
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    TC 300@15.45
    GOL 300@16.12
    IMGN 700@9.66
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    WOR 200@19.07
    BEE 800@5.44
    USEG 700@6.26
    CHNG 800@5.70
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    MAKO S 300@14.62
    COCO S 700@5.17
    FRG S 300@11.61
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    CCME Sell 152@16.26 -$32.80
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    My first time posting on here, I am having issues with missing posts. I will continue the thread tomorrow in a more efficient way.
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    For new members, the posts some time take a day to get regular don't worry they will show up.
  8. Good luck! I did a similiar thread quite a few years ago, and I got caught by lack of discipline. Stick to your plan and see how it goes.
  9. Step 1: get a job
    Step 2: save up $10K
    Step 3: Trade

    In 2 years you will have $500K.
  10. Never thought of that, thanks.
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