1 contract to 50 contracts+. ES CL EURUSD

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  1. I've been trading 1 contract for awhile, Its not cause I Don't have money, Its because The cost of learning is much less with 1 contract.

    The goal:
    ES contract @ 50 contracts is simple ($600 per tick) 100 contracts ( $1250 per tick)
    EURUSD @ 2,500,000 2.5 million ($500 per tick)
    6-7 million on bid/ask liquid.
    HSI @ 5 contracts because of lack of liquidty.
    CL @ 5-10 cause of lack of liquidity. (50-100) per tick

    The Current:
    I curretly trade, 1 ES contract, 1 CL contract, 50k EURUSD , 1 HSI.

    I have the most faith in EURUSD because of heavy liquidty and heavy movement. Less faith in CL and HSI, because of risk control.
    I can control risk in EURUSD and ES very well on HIGH contract levels. And CL on low contracts.

    This will be a continuation from this thread:
    tight stops, large profits.

    time to enjoy the thread!
  2. Average time in trade = 3-20 minutes

    Average tick profit per trade = 25

    25 ticks * $12.50 * 50 contracts = $15,000
    25 ticks * $500 per tick (EURUSD) = $12,500

    $15k = MONEY

    $15k within 3-20 minutes, is what I call a damn good time enjoying myself.

    Previously posted, Video example of a money trade:
  3. What happened after: