1 brokerage for the whole order

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by vetten, May 25, 2005.

  1. vetten


    hello folks:p

    if a limit order gets filled over several days, a broker usually will charge a brokerage fee each day.

    are there any brokers out there that you know of, that will charge
    1 brokerage fee for the whole order, regardless of how many days it will take for the order to be filled?

    or even a broker who charges a low percentage of say 0.2%
    over the value of the order. IB does that, but wont trade very low priced OTCBB stock. Anybody that does?

    I`m into very low priced OTCBB stocks and brokerage is killing me,
    so please save me?????????:(
  2. maxpi


    Just an OT question: how low in price will IB go on an OTC issue?
  3. vetten


    dont know exactly max

    at least to 20 cents, because another guy put an order in on a otcbb stock at that price and it was processed

    I type in a stock like CORRE in the platform and it does come up.

    however if I put in an order for this stock at 0.0001 it wont let me transmit it, because the price is too low.

    however you can always try it out on a stock you like and see if it would accept an order for it, before actually pushing the transmit button.
  4. maxpi


    I did a little trail and error along those lines. I dropped all the issues under 20 cents as well but it was because of problems with Tradestation EZLanguage math and the way prices were reported or something, can't recall exactly.

    life goes on. This whole trading business is trail and error AFAIK.

    Thanks much for the reply.