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  1. Given the general venality and ignorance of your politicians and the embarrassing stupidity of your last pres ... I am amazed that you guys care at all.

    On the other hand Atlas Shrugged is holding at number 19 so I shouldn't be too surprised.

    Given the US got itself into the debt/corruption/crisis mire under GB is anyone naive enough to think the next republican candidate will have a wand that's any more magical that Obama's?

    Speaking of magic wands ... the top 10 books include 3 diet books which wont get followed ... and a book "by a little boy" about his astounding trip to heaven and back. I guess the next republican president will have a magic wand.
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    You're an asshole looking for a place to spew shit. Welcome to ignore land. I'm tired of seeing your shit.
  3. Most of us with half-a-brain acknowledge Bush as a terrible prez. However, we also see Odumbo as 10 TIMES WORSE! Sounds like you're a fan of Odumbo, and that your brain needs a checkup.
  4. Your ideology is blinding you to the obvious- that if he is found to ineligible for whatever reason, it would undermine our entire political system.

    I for one don't think the issue is about his place of birth but is more about uncovering a past that he has been hiding and lying about.

    The little boy is a fraud. There is a reason his past is sealed up and hidden away.
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    Welcome back, AMT4SWA, where ya been, 30 day ban?
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    There. Fixed it for ya.
  7. Really? Do we need to add an impeachment to the pot of American turmoil?
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