1 Billion dollars to be handed to homeowners to pay mortgage

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  1. a billion means nothing to an industry that received 13 trillion in handouts.
  2. every billion adds up. So you think its okay that the taxpayers have to pony up for other peoples mortgages? What is this Soviet union?
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    1 Billion is a joke. And we already are the Soviet Union. The FED and Congress propped insolvent banks with 5-8 Trillion in taxpayer money. Not that I support any bailout. But this is just window dressing. Barry Sotareo wants to look like he gives a damn about the little people.
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    make a payment to feed the sheep or proceed with investigations to prosecute banks..win win for banks
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    good point
  6. And a nice kick in the pants to all those responsible citizens who pay their mortgages every month.

    No wonder we even hear the term "moral hazard" any more.
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    bullsh,it was deregulation and allowing the banks to speculate with our money
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    Exactly, this is why the founders despised a democracy and formed a constitutional republic... But ask anyone on the street and they will tell you we are a democracy... This is why they are always polling crap... Its all a psyop...

    We are actually living in a scientific dictatorship now... Everything you hear or see in the media is formulated to cause emotion, anger you and ultimately bring about the desired effect our handlers are planning.. You see, the goal is to make you think your free, its well known once people realize they arent the shit will hit the fan...

    And why you ask, because they want your money, all of it... Its nothing but a robbery...We are being slowly bled to death so that we can be controlled...

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