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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ikx, May 29, 2004.

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    , pulling the sums of my system of trading sull'eurostoxx50 future (operativities overnight) me a contract would clearly turn out gain a salary to the hand of approximately 330 euro trading futures, is the 1% salary on understood them the total,,,, if you can give some opinion in the sense:

    i)go up with contracts(with two contracts the gain is 800 of euro month)
    ii)leaves it
    iii)di sure not us can living but like second job part Time why not?

    sorry for my bad english.

    Thanks and soon, Stefano
  2. Hey, 1% compounded monthly ain't too shabby my friend, beats a pass book savings account.

  3. I would agree
  4. omcate


    Basically, you double your trading capital every 70 months.:p It is a good secondary source of income.:D
  5. ikx


    Ty for the answers,

    but I have to calculate the %of gain from the total of the contract like 2727*10=27270 euro and the 300 gain is +/- 1% OR for the margin of 3000 euro That is the 10% for month.

    Sorry for my elementary questions.......
  6. No one can really give you any "answers" without knowing what drawdown your "system" is prone to experience and what length of time you've had this return.

  7. Good golly Miss Molly, 10% a month ain't too shabby either! That sure as hell beats a passbook savings!