1% a week

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Are 1% gains per week realistic?

  1. Very much so

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  2. Not at all

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  3. Maybe

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  4. Unlikely

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  1. I've decided to start my own journal. I will be shooting for very modest 1% gains per week.

    I will be using small positions initially and I will be using a swing trading strategy of which I will not hold a stock for more than 2 weeks. It will also be a very mechanical approach.

    Let's see how it goes!

    I'm currently long MATX at 26.82.
  2. ozzie123


    around 50% a year, that's a very doable goal (especially if you're a trader on a medium sized account).

    Best of luck to you!
  3. snowbank


    what's considered a medium sized account?
  4. minx


    Between small and large....:p
  5. snowbank


    i have zero experience trading so if you could help that'd be great. you help me with that i'll help you with your jokes.:)
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    You certainly are a a little minx aren't you!
  7. Here is my first week of swing trading. I'm starting very small and will scale up depending on success rates. I hope to do more trades in future weeks, but I didn't see very many opportunities I liked this week.

    Shorted GS at 172.67, covered 67% of position at 177.85 for a loss of 3%.

    Short BSC at 109.28
    Long MATK at 26.82
  8. I think 1% is very doable if you have the patience, discipline, and good money management practices.

    One potential problem I see is that your risk amount looks to be greater than your target rate. ie You lost 3% on your first trade. So it looks like you are risking at a minimum 3% to earn 1% thus to achieve your goal you would have to have a very high winning pct (which is possible).

    To improve your odds of success I'd suggest trying to improve your risk/reward ratio so you don't need such a high winning % to achieve your goal (see attached .xls).

    I think your goal is very doable and I'm pulling for you!

    Best of luck!
  9. dhpar


    i don't think 1% is doable by shorting financials - but I was wrong on this one already once (well documented here) :).

    1% a week is about 70% a year - that is tough to do consistently every year but possible.
  10. mde2004


    I would personally shoot for 3% a week. Why not make more???
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