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    That's how much gas was when Obama was innaugurated.

    One gas station plans to roll back prices to what they were on the day President Obama took office.

    The 76 Speedee Mart on Desert Inn and Wynn Roads will be lowering gas to $1.84 a gallon between 4 and 6 p.m. Tuesday. The offer is for the first 150 cars and for up to 15 gallons per car. Once those cars hit the limit, the prices go back to normal.

    Workers at the gas station are prepared for the expected rush of customers.

    “I am hoping we get them wrapped around the building and down the street. I mean, I want it all. I want it all,” store manager Nicole Polk said.

    The gas price roll back is a promotion by the nonprofit Libre Initiative, a conservative national policy organization. The organization is committed to expanding production of energy resources in America.

  2. Much as I'd like to, I really can't hold Obama accountable for the rise in the gas price. Jan. 09 was the absolute bottom of the recession so it stands to reason the price would be low. However, there is a problem. Demand for oil and gas is flat to down, and that's here and abroad. The national average for gas is only 20 cents off the all time high, yet the price of oil is off it's high of 145 and currently is at 100. The numbers don't add up. If gas price reflected actual use, demand, and most importantly the current price of oil, we'd be paying around 2.75 a gallon for gas. We're getting hosed alright, but it ain't by Obama. Not on this one.
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    Tsing Tao

    He reaffirmed Bernanke, and that makes him complicit.
  4. The Bernak is in a tough position. I heard a comment yesterday which made me take pause. Bernake is being forced to take on the role of government in the absence of one. Make no mistake, I think he's on the wrong path, but we have a complete breakdown in our government. There is no leadership at any level of government.
  5. I agree. Imo as far as the "wrong path" Ben doesn't have many tools in his tool box, unlike congress.
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    I don't want to start a "will U.S. Drilling Effect Price" debate but Obama has done all he can to prevent us from becoming energy self sufficient. He's stopped drilling, stopped coal and wasted billions on solar and wind. I don't even see him helping nat gas which could be our lifesaver.

    Solar may be part of the future but the only place an investment makes since is in research. In the mean time we need to drill baby drill and let market forces determine winners and losers.
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    Yeah, but that's so...capitalist. Leftists like Odumbo HATE free market capitalism.