1.8% Profit per Day Compounded over 220 Days

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  1. schweiz


    In daytrading not so difficult as it would be 0.45 point ES net average every day. I trade with a limited amount of money but average far more then 1.8% net every day AVERAGE the last X years.
    But I don't compound eternally, so I am not a billionaire.
    So I can compound 10 days in a row with a daily average of 1.8% if I start small enough, like with $1.500. Then I will not bump into the problem of compounding yet.
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  2. lylec305


    publish results from day 1. Use real account not simulation
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  3. schweiz


    There should be some reward for me too. If not why should I post anything?

    1.8% average for 10 consecutive trading days means that an account should go from $1500 to $1793 in 10 trading days. Piece of cake.

    Eit: I deleted part of my original posting as I read how this kind of discussion can change in a p*ssing contest. Don't want, and feel the need, to lower myself to this "level".

    Believe what you wish, I don't care.
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    You should have 10's of millions if you could do that. They should write books, make movies and build a monument for you.
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  6. schweiz


    It is not YOU who decides what I should do with my life. I decide that. You have your priorities, I have mine. What seems ridiculous for you can be very rewarding for me and vica versa.
    You also don't know if I have 10's of millions or not. In fact you have no clue at all about my performance and it should stay like that.
    I will never write books or make move as I will pass my knowledge to my family and want to stay anonymous. So I stay low profile as that's the best way to avoid problems with criminals and for the safety of my family.
    And I don't need a monument as during my long career I learned that having a strong ego destroys your trading.
    I don't feel smart or super intelligent. The only thing I am good in is daytrading futures and I am lucky that this brings a lot of money. Some people have a much higher education then me but make only a fraction of what I make. They have to work 9 to 5 for a few thousand dollars a month.
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  7. schweiz


    Do you really think they would be happy with less then 20%???
    Because 10 days at 1.8% equals compounded 19.53% return.

    High returns are in general linked with small accounts. I cannot make the returns I make now if I have to manage billions, even a 7 digit account would be impossible for me. But the huge returns compensate for the smaller account.
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    You seem very defensive. Carry on multi-millionaire trader making 1.8% compounded daily. lol
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  9. Bobbybax


    What's the point of conflating trading a small account with a large one? It doesn't make you a genius to point out that it's impossible to make 1%/day on a billion.

    I know many guys who have been making 100% plus on sub $100k accounts for 20 years. But their accounts never grow.

    They are married with kids and pay taxes. They are uncomfortable trading larger size. And most important, they are expert at picking up scraps. lol

    We call them "rat" traders. But they are survivors. They have close to zero slippage which is a huge edge.
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  10. technically there can be a very very very small few amount of persons that can have outlier returns.
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