1.618 Group shutting down

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  1. Latest firm founded by Bo Collins. Received this from a friend on Friday (No affiliation w/ the firm.). They were one of the largest firms in the OTC natgas nymex swap and subsequent EFS markets.

    "1.618 Group is going through a restructuring that will result in a significant change to its core trading business. The company has closed outstanding positions and its participation in energy markets going forward will be greatly reduced. 1.618 Group will remain in operation but will be refocusing its business and trading efforts. Renovatio will remain an active participant in energy markets.

    Several employees will be leaving the firm to begin a new venture and are exploring strategic opportunities with RBC Capital Markets. The new company will be actively focused on trading energy markets. The separation is amicable and all parties involved are content with the restructuring and new business."
  2. another fine example of the "Futility of Fibonacci"
  3. 1.618 got 187'd! :D
  4. ain't no education in the second kick of the mule... wonder if this means bo's finished
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