1/6 is Hispanic. USA unofficially a Latin American Country

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  1. 1/6 is Hispanic. USA unofficially a Latin America Country

    Close to 50 million Hispanic now live in the US and the population is growing faster than any other group.

    That makes the US the 2nd after Brazil with the largest Latino Population. Unofficially a Latin American country.

    I hope they merge into the main USA. I would hate to see this country resembling more of a latin american nation than a European one.

    I wonder how things will be by 2050.
  2. if you cant beat em, join em. :cool:

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  3. republicans should get a mexican to run for election, he will surely beat Obama.
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    i hate this ..everything in US is in two languages..signs in the stores,manuals,phone menus,bills, everything...wtf is wrong with this country? US official language is ENGLISH. everything must be in ENGLISH only. you don't like it? fuck off, go back to your country.
    or make it fucking equal for everyone else..so i would like to see home depot signs in all common languages. why only in english and spanish? i'm offended!
  5. I am on your side. The US better moves quickly to abolish citizenship by birth and establish ENGLISH as the NATION official LANGUAGE. Dont forget to make hard immigration laws and ENFORCE THEM.

    Just for reference. I am Cuban.
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    this is how phone menu should sounds like,when you are calling to any US company-


    if answer is no- connection should be automatically dropped :p

    to speed up the process of assimilation. it was insulting,when not so long mexican immigrants were demanding that the driving test and citizenship tests should be in spanish
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    Que? habla espaniol por favor

    ( estupido gringo, hehehe)
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    You're on the wrong side of history, wasting your breath.
  9. Explains the fresh crop of young hotties ;)
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    Only one quarter of California's children 18 years old and younger are white. Half are Hispanic. Mexico reconquered the American southwest without firing a shot, with the full complicity of our politicians and our corporate overlords.

    From what I can see in the northeast, Mexico is taking over the rest of the country as well.
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