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    Hey guys, what are you all getting for rate on 1.5MM and 2MM + a month. Looking to see what the going rate is. Thanks in advance.
  2. For 2mm shares a month, I'd say .003 or better.
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    Thanks Steve, enjoy your posts BTW..solid P&L.....~

  4. Thanks :)

  5. Just curious, with or without split?

    EDIT: Sounds a touch high from what I've heard (but, eh what the hell do I know:)?)

    EDIT#2: Know a firm offering .001 for 500k +/monthy ~ PM me if you want the firm.
  6. What do you mean exactly? If I pay a payout % or not w/ that rate?

    If this is what you mean, then I would say you could get a .003 or lower rate doing 2 mil shares a month with 99% payout. I think this is standard these days?? Then again, I dont know much either!

  7. Yeah - for .003 at 1mil+ a month I would expect 100% payout. Thats still a lot of fees IMO.

    FWIW, I can do retail at .001 for 500k+/month, I'd be inclined to believe a prop firm should be able to do much better. Just an opinion.
  8. Man, that is the most insane deal I've heard of. If this really exists, I feel like I am getting hosed :D.

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    Mike, are you sure that is not for 500K/day? Not month?
  10. Well, I'm sure you are getting more than a retail account can offer (office, BP, platform). Thats the significant benefit I would think. PM me if you want the firm.

    I'm a retail guy, I see BP as the biggest motivator for going prop ~ I just don't need it for my stock trading (4-1 is just fine). I do about 10-20k per day and get .004 with no other fees. I think thats pretty fair ~ if a prop firm can beat that I'll join (have my s7), but, my volume is pretty weak in the eyes of most firms. I tend to trade 40-80 futures contracts a day nowadays... thats where my focus has been lately.
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