$1.5 trillion deficit = 3 million jobs

Discussion in 'Economics' started by silk, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. silk


    the $1.5 trillion annual deficit is enough money to pay 3 million people an annual salary of $50,000/year.

    Who needs jobs really to keep this economy moving when Obama and Bernanke each have a blank check to work with provided by the markets complacency over soverign debt.

    IMHO, soverign debt is the greatest bubble of them all and will dwarf the housing financial crisis when it bursts.

    We are past the point of no return i think. Each year we are able to tack on another Trillion to the national debt before the collapse, the worse the collapse will be

    If interest rates spiked to greece levels, just the interest on the debt would swamp everything. And when the collapse comes, tax revenues will be plummeting at the same time, making things worse.

    The entire world will be sent into a collapse i would think.
  2. That's the PLAN... to collapse the economic structure and instill a NEW plan... The New World Order of world centralized government.
  3. A person who is drowning will desperately take the help of a twig/small branch. I mean printing money.

    Corrupt minds, disastrous results.
  4. AK100


    I used to believe in the NWO but it's complete crap.

    Look 95% of politicians can't even get their act together in their own countries and do a good job. So to think a 'political elite' could materialise in the form of the NWO is very far fetched.

    PS. Having saids that I am NWO 4 Life :)
  5. silk


    I think i messed up my math. $1.5 trillion is equal to 30 million jobs at $50,000/year. Not just 3 million!!

    So just imagine what happens when we are forced to reduce spending by say $500 billion. That would be like laying off 10 million people. Sort of.
  6. The puppet masters of the NWO will likely NOT include 95% of the world's current politicians.

    It won't become clear until America falls... and what will bring us down most likely is DEBT.
  7. bpcnabe


    Or 3 million making 500k a year, enough to qualify for higher tax rates under the ill-named "millionaires tax" bs.
  8. Tea party and repulocrats bickering on how to cut a few billion in the budget, meanwhile Ben printing trillions. FUBAR
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    Exactly the interest rates they will paying on the debt will take decades to pay off once interest rates start to move higher, my guess is that Bubble ben bernanke keeps interest rates low for a lot longer than most think. Every time you think that this is going to be the year they raise rates they push it out an entire year. Bubble ben bernanke is creating the next great bubble of all time, of course everyone will ignore it until the day comes and the collapse starts all over again. I am wondering what they will do next time to prop up the economy, they cant think spending trillions of dollars is going to be the answer because its not even the answer to this crisis were in now.
  10. I can say democracy is NOT the solution.
    Only people having will, wisdom & resources should be allowed to vote in elections.
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