1,400,000,000 Terrorists

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DrawDown, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. You read it right... ONE BILLION FOUR HUNDRED MILLION suicide bombers.

    That's how many potential Islamic-slanted terrorists we're dealing with.

    Is it starting to become more clear now why Iraq has not been able to do anything about the daily Muslim-based killings?

    Think of it this way... 1.4 BILLION Muslims -- representing almost 1/4 of the globe's population -- their leaders and adherents, by taking internal measures, could STOP all terrorist attacks and Islamic-based suicide bombers in a heartbeat IF they wanted to.

    The reality is: These people DON'T want to.

    Say it ain't so.

  2. it ain't...

  3. I remember idiot though processes like the one you promote.

    During the height of hysteria about communism and Red China, there was a fear that if all the Red Chinese (billions of them) were to each climb a ladder at the same time, then jump off the ladder at the same time, the force of billions of Chinese hitting the earth all at the same time would throw the earth off its orbit and destroy the USA.

    I see that hysterical thinking is alive an well in your post.

  4. I didn't "promote" anything.

    And, your example of China doesn't prove the thread's principle wrong.

    Furthermore, no Chinese jumped.