1/4 of Human Beings Are Muslim.. How many Jews are there out there?

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  1. A new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life reveals that one in four human beings is a Muslim. The report, "Mapping the Global Muslim Population," finds that there are 1.57 billion Muslims among the current world's population of 6.8 billion.

    As a CNN report on the survey summarizes, Indonesia and Pakistan remain the most populous Muslim countries. Surprisingly, researchers found that non-Muslim countries such as Russia, China, and India round out a list of countries with the largest Muslim populations. Only 1/5 of Muslims live in the Middle East and North Africa.

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    Yet, if you compare the per capita income of all all Jews combined with that off all Muslims combined, you will note the disparity of wealth favors those of the Jewish faith.

    Not that material wealth is everything. But on a forum that deals primarily with material wealth and the pursuit of it, it is one metric that casts Islam as the...

    poor man's religion.
  3. Holly motherfu..er!

    They sure do make a lot of noise for such small little things..
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    And goes to show just how pathetic Allah is in that he just can't seem to deal with them. In fact, you'd image that the Jews had the bigger God... all things considered.
  5. but a lot less noise than the constant use of bomb-laden vests strapped onto a 12 year old who is encouraged to blow up civilians "in the name of Allah."
  6. I think we should work more with Muslims and less with Jews.

    We should check our own problems. And stop starting wars for nothing

  7. I am convinced that none of you have any money at all.
    Because if you did, this kind of crap would not concern you in the least.
    Racism is a loser's game, a way of blaming someone else for your own failure. I see no daylight between Momo/stupid ass and walter4 at all. TraderZones, meantime, engages in his usual bipolar idiocy.
    Amsterdam is a liberal city because at one time it was the richest city on the planet, with neither the time nor the need to care what a person was.
    Ditto for London.
    Ditto again for New York.
    Winners could give a crap about this stuff. Only losers care.
  8. "1/4 of Human Beings Are Muslim.. How many Jews are there out there?"

    enough to goad the USA into a war against Muslims on Israel's behalf
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    Right. And the majority of Muslims are poor and undereducated.
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