1,3,5,10,15,30 minute chart and eminis

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  1. when trading the emini's...Do you daytrade off of the :01, :03,:05,:10,:15 or :30 minute chart?..seriously looking for your insight..thanks in advance!...
  2. RedDuke


    You can also use tick and volume charts.

    I personally use volume charts.
  3. redduke...what timeframe, period do you use?
  4. RedDuke


    It all depends on the market. I use 144 volume on DAX. Your tick or volume chars will depend on your style. I hold postions for few minutes usually. Sometimes it could be 30-60 minutes, but that's rare.
  5. 5 min
  6. 3 min
  7. inet


    What software do you use for volume chart? Thanks.
  8. SierraChart
  9. I currently use volume charts and range bar charts for all of my ATS trading. The tick levels vary for my range bar charts depending on the instrument I am trading, for instance my ES charts use 3, 5, and 7 ticks.
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