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  1. OK, guys, this is a flat out, crystal ball reading, predicting the future EUR/USD number call for this week.

    where do you think EUR/USD will top out at?

    I say we'll see 1.2175 this week (to cover myself I will say, maybe higher too).

    by the end of the week we'll see how accurate everyone was.

    current = 1.2077.
  2. yah know. If I had it my way, I'd revise the price upward... just getting this feeling in my bones....

    by Friday, we're gonna see upper 1.2200s...?

    this may be a pure euro play. maybe some USD-dumping mixed in.

    *taps temple* yah gotta understan duh sykahlahgee uh dis.

    current = 1.2081
  3. might as well mention... THIS has been the flatest market I have seen since last September's major consolidation/sideways/inactivity before euro's blasting, one-way climb up 1600-pts thru Jan. 1st 2005.

    With this kind of flatness I am seriously considering that this market is preparing for a 10-cent move.

    I'd say up.

    anyone care to comment?

    (a simple nod would be OK....)
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  5. you're gonna have to shorten up your post next time, Uniqus.

    kinda hard to keep track of your points you made in all your rambling text.

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    i have no view to where is going to top out , but i close my short if 1,1950 gives way,

    I'm refering to the 950 level only for today and tomorrow becasuse the stop level might change in teh comiing days
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    My prediction is that EUR is going down by the end of this year.
  8. gut hunch?
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    It has to go down based on the interest rate differences. As long as there is no major catastrophe in US. So use any rebounce in EUR as an opportunity to sell it. If of course you are a long term investor as I am.
  10. I see... well... is not the interest rate but one of many factors potentially influencing the price?

    Or do you see the interest rate as the predominant force overruling all others?
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