1/2 or 1 Hour Infomericals About Investing As A Way To Get Rich - Bad Omen

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  1. Sunday TV. Major networks.

    No more Carelton Sheets.

    But new, get rich quick schemes hawked by investor education companies.

    Bad omen. Very bad.

    Indicates we're nearing capitulation (major network advertising isn't cheap)

    (I speak in broken sentences after drinking too much the night before - which isn't often).
  2. Have you seen the Real Estate commercials of 2005-Present?
  3. gaj


    sorry, those have been on for a few years now. wizetrade, and some other ones. forex plus, or some such one? i forget the names.

    one day, i was sick and figured i'd watch it. i DO believe that the stuff mentioned would work (it appeared to be a moving average crossover with stops?), so that didn't get me sick (er).

    but what did annoy me was:
    -> the idiots who were commenting on it, as if they were at an espn sports desk, who had no clue.
    -> some of the people mentioned having made "X $ in a day!" and "X$ in a month!" with the disclaimer that these weren't normal results, shouldn't be extrapolated, etc. the scary part? i had done all of those, and didn't consider myself out of the ordinary, or someone who should be in a commercial.

    i think it was wizetrade, not sure.
  4. haha.. what did you drink?

    Yes.. the stupid money is coming..

    While I think Robert Kiyosaki is a pompous ass, he made a great point when he mentioned that a server at a restaurant he and his wife went to gave him her real estate business card and suggested that he let her have a chance at working with him on is next business venture...
  5. gaj


    i'm sorry, i just saw 'major networks'. i'm assuming you mean a cbs/nbc/fox/abc type? that would be different.

    the ones i saw were on cable networks during the day...

    and, yeah, i've seen the starts of those real estate things. that's a bit scary. at least the "flip this home" crowd may start to realize it's not quite so easy any more....
  6. Boss302


    When my brother gets back in the market I'll let you guys know. That is a sure sign of a top. His last pick went from 36 to bankrupt as he and his broker watched - no stops or anything. Of course his broker was a former local college basketball star which helped.
  7. ABC today. A 30 minute infomercial.

    Around noon. Not a late night or wee morning spot.

    I won't mention the name of the company.
  8. lmao!
  9. Chagi


    Now we just need a reality show about day trading. :D
  10. Don't you guys ever get tired of reading every single "omen" as the "start of the apocolypse"?
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