1.2 Million dollars per job?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lindq, Oct 30, 2009.

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    The White House reported today that there have 'officially' been 650,000 jobs created by the $800 billion stimulus package in February.

    Now check my math, but I'm figuring that comes to over $1.2 million per job.

    I'm wondering where I can just check pick up a check.
  2. I think I read that the number is based on a spend of 150 billion of the 800, not the whole thing.
  3. so 'only' $230,000 per job, for jobs that many of which will go to foreign workers

    i've got an idea - how about we borrow from foriegn countries, to create jobs for foreign citizens

    then, we can borrow even more from foreign countries, to provide for their defense

    we have to go against the will of our citizens to spread democracy, and we must lead by example
  4. lindq


    And in February, the 'official' projected job gain from the stimulus was 3.5 million jobs by December 1.

    So, I suppose that somehow the U.S. is going to add nearly 3 million jobs in November.

    That would be a neat trick.
  5. would have been cheaper to just give $120,000 to ten times as many people - then ten times the jobs (for a year)...
  6. have any of you ever built anything? of course every dollar is not going to labor. you have to buy materials. how much of a road project do you think should be labor? we dont build roads with pick and shovels anymore. geeze.
  7. The shit is starting to hit the fan when the MSM is starting question the almighty ones honesty.

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  8. Ricter


    One must also factor in the economic multiplier effect. 10:1 last I heard.
  9. Mnphats


    The multiplier effect will be left to our children to pay, with interest.
  10. Ricter


    Uhh, no, the multiplier is applied to current transactions.

    Anyway, the good news is that the whole planet is spending money on stimulus, some countries even more, per capita, so that will leave us on a level playing field. Seems to be working, today the good news is out of Mexico.

    Consumer sentiment is not rising as fast as I'd like to see, but some caution is understandable.
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