1 1600x1200 vs 2 1280x1078?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by igum, Jul 16, 2005.

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    Which would you prefer and why? 1 1600x1200 20" or 2 1280x1078 (either 17" or 19")?

    I have a laptop 15.4" wide screen 1680x1000 and its almost all that I need I can fit in Quotetracker a watchlist, plus charts in 3 timeframes ok. Sure I'd like a little more space, but it seems unless you get say a 24" or bigger you have to go to 2 monitors. I really like my laptop screen, gives me lots of screen for the size and still pretty easy to read.

    The negative with 2 monitors is you have to move your head back and forth around more. I also have 2 1280x1078 flat panels for my other desktop, but because of extra space around the frame I do have to move my head around.

    Anyone care to discuss your preferences?
  2. It really depends on the person's usage intention, but generally speaking multiple monitors can boost the productivity.

    I like to work on softwares that has each full-screens of the every monitors.

    It's like chart application monitor, execustion application monitor and everything else including webbrowser.

    I currently have DELL 2005 wide 20+=1680x1050 for my charting software and Mitsubishi 19 = 1280x1024 for RefcoPro.

    I have thinkpad, but usually use firefox on RefcoPro at 19. Maybe I get another DELL, but being afraid of the machine heat in terms of graphic board.
  3. 15" at 1600?? It might just be plain healthier for your eyes to go to 2 x 1280. :)
  4. Wow. What kind of trading are you doing that this would be a problem? At one time I had 8 monitors going and I dont ever remember getting a sore neck.
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    I guess ideally I'd like to have 1 monitor straight right in front of me, rather than 2 on the side or 1 in front and 1 on one side, it seems non-symmetrical.

    8 monitors! I dont think I could handle that much exercise moving my head around! I guess I'm lazy.

    Maybe I should get 3 monitors with 1 20" 1600x1200 in front of me, and 2 17" 1280x1078 on the sides (instead of 19" to save space).

    Those of you with 2 monitors, how do you like it, how do you align them so it has good feng shui :) if you know what I mean as far as comfort and taking up space, usability, etc.
  6. I am using four monitors now, two for trading and two for poker but whichever two I am watching I dont have to move my head at all, just my eyes.
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    i use three dell 1905fps and really like them. i have it set up like this: vert, hor, vert. i guess i move my head around a bit, but not so much that i feel fatigued :D

    i'd love to justify replacing my 19s with:

    but i could buy three more 19" for the same $$$ as one of those :eek:

    i've thought about broadening the visual landscape, but have instead tried to streamline the space i need. i could easily take up more monitors, especially as i increased the instruments i traded. of course, for the ultimate in visual landscape ....


    take care -

  8. 2 19" 1280's hands down. Besides, you would have a backup in case one goes and you can also dedicate monitors to specific things. There is almost 50% more real estate using the 2 at 1280.
  9. i use 2 19" CRT's at 1600x1200 each. the view is fine.

    just sharing my setup for now particular reason :cool:
  10. igum, if you're moving your head from side to side to trade with multiple monitors, it must be from having your face close to the 15" laptop screen to read the 1600 x 1000 text/symbols.

    If you are intent on trading powered with a laptop (only?), it would seem that two 19" 1905FPs, or similiar, would be the way to go - with the laptop screen configured with the least-used trading items to "monitor".

    Or, to keep screen sizes more the same, just use two laptops like ET'er Mod DaveN has expressed interest in doing - with the newer 17" laptops, however.

    ... "You should not use flat panel monitors smaller than 17" as they do not have enough pixels to make them useful in trading. LCD monitors from 17" to 19" all have the same number of pixels (1280x1024 they are just bigger as you go up in size). 20+" LCD monitors provide the most number of pixels."...

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