1:10 margin for intra-day trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shelupinin, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Hi !
    Could someone advice me where to get 1:10 margin for intra-day trading? I mean I need broker which can give 1:10 margin for intra-day trading. Does such brokers exist?
    thanks in advance
  2. risktaker, I understand your scepticism about 1:10 margin, and I well understand that it's really dangerous to play with such margin, but sometimes there are special situations when I don't fear to use even 1:100 margin. There was such situation at December 8 with ANTL stock, ANTL had pre-market volume from inetats.com 10 times higher than average volume(30), so I was sure that stock will continue to growth in such condition. I made only 15% with ANTL from 1.99 to 2.29, so if I use 1:10 margin I could make not 15% but 150%. So where to get 1:10 margin?
  3. my retail only allows 1:4

    Most likely you need to go PROP or PRO with one of the echos/bright/assent/gen

    To get 1:10+ 1:20 even easily

    Your example was bad though a $2 stock is not liquid enough to handle large margins though :)
    need something like CEPH on friday with 100k volumes every 3 min bar
  4. My answer will probably be deleted if I post it publicly so send me a PM and i can tell you where I trade. Can definitely start out at 10 - 1 intra day

  5. well, what are you trading? forex will get you more than that!

    retail is not possible due to nasd 2520

    you could always go get loans off credit cards at zero% - with the new bankruptcy laws, CC co's are ready and willing to let people pile on the debt
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    Onlinepoker is the best one is you want 10:1 leverage.
  7. 4-1 is the best you'll do without a series 7.

    Get a series 7, and you'll easily find 30-1 leverage, at pro firms such as echotrade.
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    just noticed this ad and thought about your post i read minutes before

    Equity Trading $2/trade
    HLVCapital.com Daytrade $5,000 Min Risk Capital 10 to 1 Leverage no License Req.

    I can't vouch for them nor do i know what strings are attached - i didn't even bother to go look

    but the ad was at google when i searched for a certain keyword string
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