1:08PM, May 19/08, NDX Multiday Market Call! Sell anylong, and Go Short

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  1. The title tells it. NDX is now at 2048. This market call is multiday. The other markets calls I have made were for day traders (make profits in few minutes to 6.5 hours).

    This market call is for the position trader (multi days to multi-weeks).

  2. Looks like this is an example of what you call lying since the NDX is nowhere near 1048
  3. ... and I assume it is hold it indefinitely until you eventually are correct since it simply says short the market at that level with no mention of stops
  4. LOL now he edited his post.
  5. took a tiny short position just for the heck of it.
  6. Excellent spot to take on a short....S&P & NDX @ resistance (1440 & 2050) at the same time. I'm with you Riskfree. Hopefully, we won't see higher highs after 2:30.

    Good Luck,

  7. 1. The minority who will read this and follow it know how to manage positions/money. They do not need anyone to show them how to manage positions, and how to manage their money. All they need is information on the direction (not the past direction, but the future direction).

    2. The majority will buy or do nothing. They certainly do not need stop information on a short position.

    3. Stops depend on other things (money, individual risk tolerance, vehicle used)

    4. Etc

    But if someone wants where I think stops should be, just PM me.
  8. Or, multi-months
  9. i am out with a quick profit :) . thanks for the good call. i hope i will work out longer term as well.
  10. she is dropping FAST!
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