$1,082 into $13,940 in 15 weeks

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  1. I think this achievable with my system.. IF I FOLLOW IT..

    This is a copy off of Oten's journal of course.. I have a small account and am getting ready to either shut it down or re-fund it..

    I will post my trades once again here if anyone is interested.. I failed with my previous journal "Flash's Self Improvement Journal"..

    And now I'm looking to answer to someone other than myself on reaching my goals and will try to use you guys for that. Have nothing to sell .. nor am I trying to accomplish anything here other than putting my neck on the line and showing other's my trading progression or regression..

    Those of you that have read my pathetic posts in the past know my history.. still a struggling trader.. I have everything in place except for one thing.. The discipline to follow my system religously..

    I will start posting my trades tomorrow.. The balance on my account is $1,082..

    I will be daytrading the ES, NQ & YM..

    I have 3 types of trades.. all based off of 5 min. charts

    1. Pullbacks to the 20 ema..

    2. Reversal patterns/signal on an overbought/oversold market..

    3. Gaps - if market gaps by at least 4 pts on open .. trade in the direction of the 1st or 2nd closing bar if that bar closes strongly in one direction or the other..

    Also, My new game plan is to not trade until late in the afternoon.. This timeframe has been much more suitable for my trading.. although I will try to take advantage of a solid reversal signal at the 10:00 timeframe should one appear..

    Hopefully I can prove to you guys that someone struggling can turn it around .. I used to have lengthy conversations with my broker concerning psychology.. and he shared a story about one of his customers.. this guy was struggling for years.. then all of a sudden it clicked.. and he started making in the 7 figures year after year daytrading the big s&p..

    So there you have it.. Starting tomorrow.. I have $1,082.. and my projected date will be April 2, 2004 to have increased this account to $13,940..

    I may also be busted out by the end of next week but what the hell.. I need something to push me and I'm hoping this will help..

    And please keep any flaming to a minimum.. I love to hear outside point of views looking in .. I just ask that if you don't have any constructive criticism please don't reply..

    Looking forward to having a good year next year.. Hope everyone else does as well..

  2. Thats for sure,

    My only advise would be to trade 1 market not three and I would highly recommend the bonds or the 10 yr. note (if you must trade the minis I would say the nq or ym)

    They are much smoother and a lot easier to trade.

    The other thing I would recommend is only taking 1 set up and master it even if you lose you will a least know why and what you can do differently next time.

    Keep things simple but not simplier.
  3. MRWSM


    Good luck, hope you do well.

    You do know how astronomically difficult it will be. I'm all for setting high goals, but what you are trying to do is average 594,357% per year for that 15 week period. (I know this because I created an automatic calculator on a spreadsheet, just punch in the days and the profit and it will give you annual profit average based on how many open days in a year.)

    Just so you know it is well beyond the world record annual profit of 14,000%.
  4. Albert


    I turned 10k into 375k in 12 weeks. And that's with 2 days in which I lost over 100k each of those days! What is that in annual percentages?
    I then lost about 340k in 15 minutes. How much is that in annual percentages? Are there enough zeroes to go around?
    Really, it takes one hell of a trend that you ride like the devil, taking some risks and getting lucky. Why not? If it happened to me it can happen to anybody.
  5. Very ambitious goals flash....

    Not to come off negative, but what if things doesnt pan out and you lose that $1K?

    Good Luck :)
  6. pspr


    I saw a partner's customer take a $3,500 margin trade and get locked in a market and turn it into a minus $300,000 account in 10 TRADING DAYS!!!

    If you can lose 10,000% in a couple weeks I'm sure you can make it given the right conditions and balls of steel!!!

  7. So in fact you turned 10 k into 35k in 12 weeks and 15 minutes? I think thats 1000% anualized!
  8. What did you trade to get 10K to 375K??? I'm very curious. I'm not saying it's not possible, but the odds are very slim.

    Just wondering which market and which trends did you ride..

  9. MRWSM


    Doesn'treally count unless you keep it. But turning $10,000 into $375,000 in 12 weeks is 489,364,880% average per year.
  10. voodster


    Flashboy, prove the naysayers wrong. Good luck.
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