1,000 people living in tunnels under Las Vegas

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  1. Link doesn't work!
  2. why quote an article from the UK

    regarding a US city and its conditions.

    quote an article from that city or surrounding area regarding its own conditions....
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    Maybe british media want to show that other countries are in worse shape than UK ?
    By the way, a simple google search found that the same article has already been published... in 2009. Note the same pictures :D

    US Editor
    in Nevada
    Published: 24 Sep 2009
  4. So that's where Elvis went............... :eek:
  5. This may be a good case for QE.
  6. The myth of QE and the phrase "Helicopter Ben" is that there is no helicopter and no hundred dollars bills for those living in those tunnels to pick up. They are so far down the economic ladder to even be able to pick up pennies from QE.
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    If the good residents of Nevada keep electing Reid they may all end up living in holes in the ground. Now that the casinos have revealed themselves to be liberals its easy to just spend money elsewhere. Vegas obviously has enough money if they can afford such a hack in office.
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