$1,000 in cash prizes with the Jigsaw Trading Survey

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    At Jigsaw, we aren’t afraid of giving away cash prizes. In fact, as all of our customers are traders, it’s the best way to get their attention. After all – what kind of trader would you be if you just did things for free?

    So here’s the best risk:reward offer you are going to get today.

    Fill in our trading survey, it’ll take you a few minutes and we’ll enter you into our lucky draw where 5 people will each receive a $200 cash prize. That’s right – it’s cash, not coupons, not discounts and we won’t even tell your significant other you’ve come into a bit of extra cash.

    For those that don’t need the cash – well – we’d still really appreciate your participation as this is part of our effort to understand you better so that we can deliver better product upgrades, services and blog posts to help you with your trading.

    Simply Click here to complete the survey.

    Prizes will be draw on the 28th February!
  2. I hope I win one of the five $200. I've never won a raffle in my life. o_O -- or anything random, has never magically turned out in my favor.

    But I don't consider trading to be 100% exclusively random. The semi-exception.
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    Me too - then I started going to auctions... Still feels like a win!