09-15-13 PM: E-mini Dow futures up 187

Discussion in 'Trading' started by billpritjr, Sep 15, 2013.

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    the market will remain irrational, longer than any trader can remain solvent.

    -Ed Seykota
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    Anything on the news about this jump?
  4. news is claiming it has to do with Summers

    of course "just follow the trend" and don't try to figure out the markets

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    If i hadnt read any news for the last few months regarding Syria, Fed , taper then
    I may have bought the Sp500 7-10 days ago. I did not so who is irrational .....me or the market? Oh yeah.....trade what you see.
  6. Bottoms never happen on good news.

    The worst it looks the higher the chances of a bottom.

    Opposite for tops.