08 election by county

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  2. The Nielson ratings service came out the other day and said that the AVERAGE AGE of the Faux News viewer is 63.9

    That's all you have to know.
  3. Bottom line. The ghetto and barrios at 100% cannot elect a dogcatcher without majority support at some level. And it must be a significant level.

    Got out of your trailer and study some math.
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    You mean that math that liberals use when they talk about the southern strategy by republicans? How southern states are a majority? Maybe you should think before you post. Is that asking too much?

  5. :D

    Fair enough. Lets do the exercise then.


    Now at those numbers, at least 18% of white would have to vote with blacks and hispanics, and that is if ALL, EVERY, black and latino went obama.

    The real deal is that the era of America associating with hillbillies is over. In other words if you happen to be other than a WASP, then you are a "real" American as well.

    The Republicans have painted themselves into a rather serious corner, and talk radio is not doing them any favors AT ALL.

    There are too many gay, intermarried, non-white, non-protestant, pro-choice people in this nation.

    Your tent is too small.
  6. Yes, democracy is a horrible thing.

    By the way, Obama received 43% of the white vote, and 67% of Hispanic votes - the two largest voting blocks by ethnicity/race.

    Why don't you go and propose that Hispanic voters not be allowed to vote while you're at racist and idiotic blather?

    You will be the typical reason why the Republican Party becomes permanently impaired if I'm wrong in my calculation that more intelligent Republicans will conclude they need to expand, and not shrink, their voting base in order to actually become a viable player in national politics again.
  7. I knew that data was out there somewhere.:D