07-18-2008: IB Backfill problems?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by polpolik, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Anyone having backfill problems? It's slow as molasses today, i can barely get any backfills on my Amibroker.
  2. abxs


    yes it's utter crap

    trying to contact a IB representative is hopeless too
  3. lassic


    same here, but with QuoteTracker
  4. Thank you. I kept rebooting Amibroker and resetting my Router. I thought it was my end since everything seemed fine a few hours ago.
  5. Yes I've had backfill probs for ages now. Had to switch to a different feed.

    Even their own charts have problems :mad:

    Also after it's taken ages all the data isn't there anyway.

    IB, sort this sh*t out.
  6. marv


    YESSSS, and it is driving me mad! I brought up this issue with IB customer support a few months ago and I submitted another help ticket a few days ago. It is to the point where backfill is almost unusable for the first hour or so of trading. It is so frustrating when you want to check a few fast moving stocks popping up on your screener only to have the backfill window just sit there saying "Backfilling XYZ..." and eventually after a few minutes just time out. This is totally unacceptable for a Broker that puts out commercials bragging about how fast their executions are. Yeah that's great but maybe they should work on speeding up the other essentials too!!:mad:
  7. I find it worse in the first half hour or so, which is odd since there's less data to backfill, unless it's so fast moving with so many trades going through it causes a problem.

    Either way, this is very poor.

    IB, I know you look at these threads so


    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. I am an IB customer, but wouldn't think of using their backfill its so pathetic. I get free DTN IQ with them as well for backfill, as does everyone. If you use software that can use the DTN feed, use that. I use Ensign BTW, and it gives you a choice of where to get your backfill which can be different than your live data. All completely seamless.
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