06/06 Daily Candles

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Lord.Maushi, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Some bullish price action on major indices today, price reacting sharply from key technical levels and with good volume.

    - Nasdaq, furious bullish hammer
    - Transports, piercing bullish
    - SP500, same
    - Russell 2000 Tweezer Looking


    However confirmation still missing and for that we need tomorrow's data.

    What's your take for tomorrow?

    - Waiting for tomorrow's volatility to confirm or deny the signal ?

    - Jumping long before report?

    - Jumping short before report?

    I think current action merits good discussions. Is the current action predicting a favorable report for markets or is it all one big bull trap?

    Feel free to discuss, perhaps a technical discussion can be accomplished with professionalism and good spirit.

  2. Sad board, seem people are more interested in bickering and drama than actual trading and market analysis.

    Anyway, daily confirmed upside, bearish party over for the time being.
  3. New highs to come, risk on.