03-20-2008 Big up move very light volume

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Man look like everyone went home except the bulls, their is no volume today.
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  2. Ok their is two minutes till close, still no volume in the spyders. This market has no direction at all for the last 3 months.
  3. No follow thru in either direction. Thats a wrap.
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  4. Volume is very important. Note how high volume has occurred on these lows in the market. Not nearly as much volume on the subsequent moves higher in prices. Why?

    Lots of panic selling at extremes tends to cause this high volume turnover.

    Also note the accumulation that is now occurring! :)

    Moral: Higher prices to come over the next two months.
  5. Sorry, the above was for the SSO (Pro Funds Ultra S&P 500), not spy.

    Here is the SPY:
  6. "03-20-2008 Big up move very light volume"...which means...ther will be a down day this coming Monday March 24...why?..price always retraces back to the level (price) where higher volume was...make for a very interesting study...watch this...IMO
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    You folks need a lesson in their, there, and they're.
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    Nice post & charts; Yea I've also noticed the low volume rallies on the indexes (i was actually suprised there werent more ET threads about it). But there was an Asian holiday a few days ago, plus closed Friday and the long weekend (maybe that had something to do with it)?

    What i cant understand is the price action we've had in LEH (and some of the other ibanks & brokers this past week).....LEH drops 50% on 200M shares....then 2 days later it recoups ALL those loses and actually has a postive week. I cant understand how people can just overlook that massive drop on massive volume just a day later?

    Investor sentiment was a complete bloodbath on Sunday/Monday....then its the total opposite ( complete Euphoria) a day later? Now every guru/analyst/newspaper is marking a low in. That sentiment shift and market action doesnt seem healthy.

    I just can not believe that this whole banking crisis & market downtrend is going to get resolved after 1 day. Big fundamental shifts like this usually takes a few quarters or even years to sort out.
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    Yes some down side action is probable.

  10. Ka Chingo! :D

    Stay long this market..... :cool:
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