$.01 per share execution

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  1. If research from the large wirehouses has been deemed tainted, why do some firms still insist on paying top dollar?

    Isn't thrid party ,non biased research becoming more attractive?

    Escpecially when it can be soft dollared at competitive commissions.

    Does anyone know where to find info on the BIR (Best Independent Research)?
  2. Third party, non-biased research is definitely attractive, especiallly when it can be soft-dollared. Ekspeciallie when it cums from ferms that bother too youse spelchek. I du knot now where to find infermashun on BIR, but I kan till yew about BEER. (burp)
  3. Plastics!
  4. These boards are for people with nothing better to do then to check the spelling on all the posts and then exploit all the mistakes.

    Oh, I get it now.

    OK. Thanks

    I thought it was for something more constructive like passing along useful information to interested parties despite the typing habits/skills of the contributors.

    Did it ever occur to some that there may be people with physical handicaps that post to these boards? Probably not.

    It's not easy using retinal letter recognition to spell.

    Thanks anyway.
  5. Not my job to check your spelling, that is between you and the "Check Spelling" button conveniently located near the bottom of the message field box marked "Your Reply : ". I just thought I would point out some obvious flaws in your poorly written advertisement.

    Sure, it (these message boards) can be used for constructive things. Or, it can be used for unpaid advertising from the likes of persons such as yourself, hyping your own firm.

    As far as people with physical handicaps goes, sure there might be some here. In fact, there probably are. Does that mean you are? I would doubt it. I could be wrong though. However, I think you just attempting to make me look bad, when in fact it was YOUR original post that was poorly constructed. I would think if I were trying to solicit business (without paying for my advertising) on someone else's message board, I would be damn sure my post(s) look professional.

    Seems to me the aforementioned post came out alright. Let me guess, that one took you 1/2 hour to do, and I should be praying for forgiveness?
  6. No, no, no... you got it all wrong

    ...it's all ball-bearings!!
  7. TGregg


    Geez, another member of Big Ball Bearing out pedaling this hype. Everybody knows about the Ball Bearing Bubble, baby. It's gonna bust any day now - and when it does it will take the rest of the market down the drain with it.:D
  8. Somehow I must have lost the ability to understand humans. This thread doesn't make more sense to me than a random combination of ASCII characters.

    Have you ever tried to apply TST to the 28.8 GSTA or do all the EBs just crank up their ETLs?
  9. Maybe you better check the specs on the in-line rotary girder...
  10. cheeks


    Yes, I am short balls.
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