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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Just to let everyone know that we certainly can offer a "better deal" for those that like to trade "gross" or "zero commissions."

    Of, course, NYSE only and for those who trade 5,000 shares at a time or more. Feel free to call me to discuss.

    40% payout (better than 30%).

    We do our best to "tailor" our arrangements to the trader. As in all things, the "deals" must make sense to both parties if they are to do well.

    (I started this on a new thread because I want to pinpoint the NYSE traders, and at the same time, offer a better deal than we see "on the street."

    Don 800.249.7488
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    I can't believe my eyes.
  3. "Believe it"....lol

    If anyone is trading with capital up, and wants the zero commission "gross" deal, we can certainly work something out.

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    I think most of these $0 commish deals 30% payout, involve no capital up. (Not all though).
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    The usual $25k up Don?
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    nitro :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  7. The zero commish deals as discussed on the other thread are set up with $$ from the trader.

    The tailored deals that we offer can allow a lot of flexibility, but are designed for the independent traders (with some capital), not the employee traders.

    We can offer alternatives to those who say "I make money gross, but not net" as long as they can trade in medium to large blocks (5,000 shares and up).

    (Basically, I'm agreeing with the WCOM trader that, in some cases, this setup can be a "win win").

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    Just wondering, what's the mentality of "5000 shares and up" ?
    Do you get a discount from you clearing firm at that size? Or do you just not want to waste your time with 1000-2000 share size traders?
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    That is a great deal!
  10. It is simply a pricing issue that makes sense to both parties. As I mentioned, Bob and I reviewed the notes from WCOM trader, and ran the numbers. We have been very "creative" lately (especially with all the trouble some other Firm's are having). We are doing our best to accomodate the traders who have been stuck, and will listen to new ideas.

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