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    I never said hitting a draw down is a bad thing, i am only saing the coaches are 185$ from their max draw down and then just stopped updating/trading.

    If they hit the limits they shouldn't hide it and maybe even start over, like most of their clients would.

    Nothing against the coaches but they are the ones who are training other traders, have 30 year experience, call you every day and want to know why you have a bad day.
    It would be nice to see some proof from those who call themself professionals.
    I have almost never seen trainers/coaches who are profitable themself and it looks like we have another example here.

    Ps, i perfectly understand the combine rules and how TST works. But thanks for explaining
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  2. I agree with you fully RDK91,

    I agree, the coaches should definitely display their results to traders. This is a good thing for us traders to see. Which is experienced traders show their PnL daily or weekly.

    Can you show the original post or article from TST where they stated coaches would start trading the combine?

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    You can find updates in the same blog and they also posted results/trades on twitter.
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    That is pretty funny. I almost feel sorry for them. All they had to do is keep going long.

    After 7 years they finally got the courage to show off and that backfired... This should be a lesson for other mentors not to try it. :)

    On the plus side, it took them 3 months to hit max. DD.
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  5. Lmao hahahahaha you are too funny. That was funny.

    I'm curoius to see the results.
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  6. Hey Mike
    Any traders netting 6 figures at tst yet ?
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  7. I have no problem with the Coaches failing the Combine. At least they got a taste of what we go through. My problem with them is the TST Performance Coaching program, where these Coaches call you every time when you fail a Combine or FTP for a free coaching session, but if you go to dig in their website for fine prints -- coaching costs you big dollars if you sign up after the "free" session. If they are going to make money out of "coaching" us then they must prove their trading abilities are definitely above ours.
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    Those 2 things are mutually exclusive. Unless we account for lasting almost 3 months when the average Joe blows it in 2-3 weeks. :)

    By the way I don't get it, was 1 account traded by 2-3 coaches? That is even worse than 1 coach blowing an account, because they could have traded only their best set ups...But we have to give them props for being honest.
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    2 coaches trading 1 account together.
    Lets see if they do an update or just ignore it.
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    Thanks for reaching out! Yes, our Performance Coaches are still in the Trading Combine. With the holiday season and vacation time, Dan and Hoag went on a little hiatus. They didn't want to trade without the proper preparation and focus that we all know trading requires. You should hear an update from them early next week. Everyone is still getting back into the swing of things with the new year starting.

    The best way to follow their progress is on Twitter. You can follow us @TopstepTrader and search #CoachesCombine. Thanks for everyone's patience. Dan and Hoag are excited to get back into it!

    Happy New Year,

    TopstepTrader Team
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