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    Hello All Traders!

    Trading Drills Academy was founded by a group of successful retail traders who went through difficulties trying to become consistently profitable in the financial markets when started trading back in 2001. We've invested in innovative coaching technologies that guide aspiring traders step-by-step to gain the necessary skills to trade successfully in the financial markets. We have worked with many students and our training has evolved from Live Classes, Video Presentations, Webinars, and Forums to "Smart Deliberate Practice Trading Drills under a Learning Management System", which emulates market price charts with instant coaching and consistent feedback/evaluation.

    Our high probability Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT) System with 700 Drills has been taught to over 500 students so far, and it's a great feeling to see their success. We want to help traders learn the fundamentals of price action and master our high probability setup, so they can execute it flawlessly and become consistently profitable.

    Try the first module of our PAAT system for free with 13 lessons and 80 trading drills that show you how to identify price turning points, and draw range lines, dynamic support, and dynamic resistance lines.

    Click below for our:
    Price Action Algorithm Trading System

    We also have some free resources available for all traders, such as trading common definitions, position calculators, and live charts.

    Happy trading :D
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  2. TraderKohl


    Overall I like the concept as this is the way that I like to learn and few seem to offer. The website gives a lot of detail about the method and learning process, etc. but no big picture. What I think is missing though is what does a PAAT set-up(s) look like? What do winning and losing trades look like? Is it scalping or longer intraday? Looking at the syllabus it would seem that it would take me 7 or 8 months of work and study before I would have any idea where this is leading to, and see that it's not what I was looking for.
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    Hi TraderKhol,

    Thanks for your response. That’s a great question.

    We simplified all Price Action Trading setups to 2 main setups:

    1) "T" Setup: This is a Trend following setup, which simply means "Find a Trend and take its pullbacks". This is a High Probability setup, meaning that you will get a ~ 80-90% win rate with an R/R of ~ 1. We recommend all traders master this setup for the first year until they become consistent and have a low drawdown. This is a popular setup to be used by scalpers in small time frames.

    2) "C" Setup: This is a Counter-Trend setup, which means you try to take a reversal and go against a trend and pick up the tops or bottoms. This has a Lower Probability, meaning that you will get a ~ 30-50% win rate with high R/R. We only recommend more experienced traders to take this setup after their first year. This is suitable for position and swing trading.

    By completing the PAAT course, you will acquire the necessary fundamentals to successfully trade any market (Equities, Futures, e-Currencies, Forex), any time-frame (Ticks, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks), and any style of trading (Scalping, Day-Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading).

    Check out the link below on our main product page. We have answers to our frequently asked questions:
    Price Action Algo Trading System FAQ

    Please let us know if you have any other questions and we’d be happy to answer them.
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  4. Rez Mir

    Rez Mir

    One of the most important reasons for success in financial markets is that the trader grows under the right training plan. The Trading Drills Academy gave me the best idea in financial markets, where I learn everything I need to survive in the market.

    Best Regards, Rez Mir
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    That's great Rez! Glad to hear that you're part of the Trading Drills Family :D
    You had great progress and appreciate it if you could share your latest equity curve and trading results with other traders here.
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  6. Rez Mir

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    Thanks Ray and I appreciate all your supports and coaching!! I am focusing on trading in the high probability trading areas as you suggested and keep my winning rate high and feel more confidence now while growing my small account :)
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  7. TraderKohl


    That's a great equity line Rez! I am enjoying the course and the drills. Just not happy with the delay in between each one. For me, a year seems too long to complete a course. Maybe practicing, but not completing. As a former student I would be interested in your thoughts on that.
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  8. Rez Mir

    Rez Mir

    Hi TraderKohl,
    Thank you very much and appreciate that! I am glad that you are also enjoying the LMS coaching system with Smart Drills! It took me a year to complete all 200 Drills of the previous LMS system and I reviewed that several times before I reached consistency. I know Ray is converting all lessons to animated lectures, which is really nice but is taking the time. I heard that the plan is to complete that in <6 months, so you may be able to get faster access and finish the entire 36 modules in 6 months. Also, one main reason is to force students to forward test each workshop concept with real market data. What software do you use and do you know how to do the forward test?
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  9. Tulip


    In short, the method of PAAT is price action in a simplest way and high winning ratio. Eventually you will see the big pictures as you go forward. Once you learn the method, you can apply it on scalping or longer intraday. Two years ago, when I entered the academy, I was thinking the same thing and I thought that a year is a long time. But the further I went, the more I realized how important these slow pace were, and that made me learn better and have more time to practice. You need to repeat them over and over. Even after the course is over, I still go back to the previous ones and review and practice them again.
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    Hi Tulip,
    Thanks for your feedback and so happy to see you progressed so much in a year and leading our female trader's group and everyone in the BCT (Become Consistent Trader) Club! I appreciate it if you could share your trading history and the latest equity curve with other traders here for educational purposes.
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