3Jun bought inverses UVXY SQQQ etc

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    put on tiny starter trades premkt; will scale l8er if they go up

    using 2dlow stops, for swing trade

    fdly3jun.jpg uvxy3jun.jpg sqqq3jun.jpg
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  3. %%
    We are about due for down monday;
    took some profits on TQQQ/ 6-11-2021. [Stock Traders Almanac notes 3rd FRIDAY JUN week maybe down]
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  4. Nine_Ender


    US indexes made a strong move late day. Oil $71+, Nat Gas new 52 week high, Silver looking kind of interesting. If US indexes start positive tomorrow, we could get a major rally in Oil, Nat Gas, and Silver stocks. They are all poised to fly given a push. TSX Oil and Nat Gas producers threatened to make that move today ( several new 52 week highs ), but they faltered somewhat during the day as Oil dropped some mid day. I expect a repeat attempt at this tomorrow including Silver stocks if Gold doesn't drop ( Gold is creating some drag on Silver but there is increasing divergence lately ).
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  5. %%
    They did sell stocks ;
    1st hour/LOL.
    Cash copper most likely hits $5 the dealer noted/ most of my tech ETF buy orders got hit; except near eod.That's life.........................................................I wanted to buy some bonds this week ETFs for the summer\ but i cant find any charts i like+ my SPYG pays almost a better yield. MUB does have shallow drawdowns, so if we get in a sideways trend=summer ,may consider that tax free deal /weighted in TX, orange co CA a lot.
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    scaled out on way down, scaling back in today, and later this week esp if fomc negative reaction wed

    2d chart looks good